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Team fortress 2 community event July 2023

Łódź, Polska
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Rewolucji 1905 roku 45
90-215 Łódź, Poland
Train: If rail is your go to way of moving around Poland, you should pick Łódź Fabryczna station as your destination point.
Car: Coming both from the northern and southern Poland by motorway A1, you should take exit nr 22 and head to the centre of Łódź. After exiting the motorway, turn right on the roundabout, heading towards Rokicińska street. Then, turn left and moving along Rokicińska street, you'll almost reach the very centre of Łódź. When coming closer to the town centre, we advise to use navigation systems to find the quickest way of reaching the destination. However, the location of the event place makes it hard to find a parking spot. If some extra help regarding that is needed, please reach out to our Staff @ Discord.

What is PoLANd.tf

PoLANd.tf is an event for competetive-minded Team Fortress 2 players The main idea of the event is to integrate the polish TF2 community and to have some fun playing pickups in one's favourite mode (either 6v6 or 9v9 - highlander), participating in MGE tournament or many others (more info on that soon). Thanks to that, we present you with a possibility of meeting your internet friends from the game in person.

Participation in the event requires an admission fee: for adults it amounts to 220 PLN, whereas for minor the feee is 165 PLN. However, coming over and simply spectating is free. The event is mainly targeted at 18+ audience. There is, however, a possibility for minors to participate, as long as they are under supervision of a legal guardian.

PoLANd.tf is the first event organised by us, where the participants are able to rent a PC. We have organised in the past five different events, though. Thanks to the experience we have gathered so far, we are able to provide an elevated kind of LAN experience. The previous events have taken place in Katowice, but this time we are moving over to the very heart of Poland: Łódź. The event is scheduled for July 15-17, 2022 at a place called BaseStack.gg.

LAN? Competitions? PUGs? What's going on?

Pickups (or PUGs coming from pick-up games) are currently the go-to form of competitve environment for polish TF2 community.
Pickups allow people to play on their chosen classes, with the player distribution to the teams done by automatic balance system.
The only thing the player has to do is to log in on our website and choose his/her favourite class.
When there is enough people signed up for the game, the system automatically balances the teams and sets up the server for game.
In the past, so called "doublemixes" were played (remember PE lessons when the teams were chosen for a game and You
were the fat kid? The odd one out? That's how competitive tf2 games looked like)
Thankfully this is now a relict of the past, thanks to the tf2pickup.pl system.

MGE tournament will bring to light the best Polish TF2 player. As this gamemode is most popular for soldiers, the tournament will be restricted to this class only. MGE stands for my gaming edge, as it test the actual limits of the player. The one and only factor affecting the outcome of competing in the gamemode is player's skill. During the tournament, players will duel 1v1 on specially crafted arenas, based on the most popular competitive maps. The winner of MGE torunament will be rewarded with a physical prize, which will remain unknown until the very end of the competition.

What is BaseStack?

BaseStack is an internet café and an e-sports arena, with over 600m2 of space, two floors and 120 computers for the players. Thanks to that, we have a possibility of renting a gaming rig to compete on fair grounds against the other players. BaseStack provides attendees with not only whole gaming rigs, but also peripherals. People who are used to playing with their favourite mouses and keyboards are welcome to take their own peripherals. The place is known for its tournaments, hosted every weekend, that gain sizeable popularity on TikTok.

Below you can see some of the specs of gaming rigs offered by BaseStack:

  • CPU: Intel i5-12400F
  • GPU: GeForce RTX 3060
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Mouse: SPC Gear GEM
  • Keyboard: KRUX ATAX PRO RGB
  • Headphones: SPC Gear VIRO
  • Screen: AOC G2 Series 24G2ZU/BK 240 Hz


We advise to check these websites: Booking and Airbnb. Using these, one can rent a room/flat at an affordable price. These websites offer a wide range of accomodation in all the parts of Łódź. One can find a place to stay very close to the event location, and as a result of this, spend more time with friends.

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How much does it cost?

220 PLN for adults, 165PLN for minors, and for people who just want to spectate, without participating, the entrance is free.

Where can I sign up?

First, you need to join our Discord. Then, in the section named PoLANd.tf, on the channel #poland-tf-faq you need to make a ticket. In the ticket you let us know you're willing to participate, and starting from there, we take care of the rest.

Why Łódź?

Because we have found a place that offers a lot of possibilities at little cost. We can rent PCs without worrying about having to transport our own rigs. Another advantage is the fact, that Łódź is located in the central region of Poland, and most of the people have direct way of reaching the city.

Are there any parkings nearby the venue?

There are some, but the amount is limited. We recommend parking your car next to your sleeping place, since this will be definitely cheaper and more convenient. There is an option to park on BaseCamp parking (next to the venue) upon contacting us.

I am not an adult, can I participate?

It depends. If you have less than 15 - you cannot participate, otherwise you must have parents' consent signed on paper, specified with the person name and surname who will be fully responsible for you during the event. This person is supposed to look after you during the event.

I want to play 6v6/Highlander only. Doable?

Yeah, we don't force anyone to play a certain gamemode. Local pick-up sites are available for both.

I don't want to play. Can I come to watch and high five with people?

Sure! We had some spectators on the previous editions and they had fun just like people who were playing.


YES, but it's not the ones you probably expect. We have physical version of the medals for each team competition! And trophies for MGE Cup winners! We also have badges, thanks to Zuri, and the look like this.

I am not able to come, is it possible to participate online?

No. The true meaning of LANs is to let everybody connect to the servers locally, so we can experience lag-free games. There is no way to connect from outside.

I am not from Poland, can I participate?

Of course! We welcome everybody coming from abroad.

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